for those who do not know who cybersix is.

I always feel so pained when people don’t know Cybersix.

Cybersix is a forgotten national treasure of Canadian programming — it’s an unexpected collaboration between the Japanese studio TMS Animation and the Canadian animation network Teletoon. It’s a loose adaptation of the Argentine comic of the same name and cancelled only after a 13 episode season run (probably because it was too good to exist) and market distribution thereafter has been limited and obscure at best.

The MC is genderqueer/nonbinary who presents as a male teacher by day and a lady crime fighter by night, has a brother who also happens to be a panther who also fights crime, has a bara love interest who is drawn to both identities, the villains are ex-Nazi SS agents, AMAZING ANIMATION, and so many other great things.

Also the opening is gorgeous.

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Stayed up all night watching FMA:B and realized that Scar has a similar background to Connor’s. Both had loved ones taken from them by cruel ignorance and constantly judged just for the color of their skin exept Scar chose the path of revenge and hatred and Connor chose the path to change things for the better for anyone under oppression. both men are complete opposites and baras,super badasses and hot and I have huge crushes for them.